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As a start-up, small or medium sized business, our employees are our most valuable asset but also often incur the highest cost. It is not always feasible to employ a full or even part- time member of staff to handle marketing and/or events but we are also aware that these elements can greatly improve our business reputation, customer numbers and profitability.

This is where The Creative Cottage can help. By hiring a contractor, rather than an employee, support can be provided when it suits you. This could be for a one-off project or to get through a busy period, for example. It is tailored to you and your business needs.

Are you in need of someone to:

  • Advise on your marketing strategy
  • Develop additional promotional activity
  • Plan a one-off event, e.g. a product launch or networking opportunity
  • Arrange a day or weekend experience for you, a client or your team
  • Write a blog or other digital marketing text
  • Carry out a copywriting task
  • Write creative text to bring your product/service alive
  • Design/edit a professional presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote

At the Creative Cottage you will receive a friendly, personal and professional service that
will enhance your business and help it grow.